We are Ranked in the World’s Top 100 Startups!

Entrepreneurship World Cup

PulpoAR has been selected as one of the top 100 startups in the world by  EWC, one of the world’s largest and most diverse pitch competitions and support programs for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We made it amongst around 100,000 startups applicants from 200 countries! We would like to thank our esteemed jury members, all our customers who believed in us, our investors, and of course, our amazing PulpoAR team!

With a clear vision in mind, PulpoAR provides the next generation of virtual try-on technology to industry-leading retail companies around the world. Users can try products virtually, so physical testers are not needed anymore, preventing some health issues that spread with tester products, allowing new alternative points of sales by use of smart screens and reducing costs related to inventory. In this way we help companies to increase their customer satisfaction & engagement, while reducing costs and increasing conversion rates in multiple channels.

PulpoAR takes firm steps forward on the path that we set out to transform the world of beauty and benefit both consumers and brands.