Simple and
Virtual Try-on

Simple and Real-time Virtual Try-on Solution

Increase your sales and cut down on returns with
PulpoAR AR Beauty, a realistic and easily integrated
virtual try-on solution customized for beauty brands.


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PulpoAR offers your users a realistic product experience with the virtual try-on technology it has developed. We offer your customers the opportunity to quickly and easily try any conceivable cosmetic product without worrying about hygiene problems and buy the product they want without taking a step outside.


Having a chance to try the products makes buying decisions much easier, especially when it comes to eye-wear. Increase your sales by giving your users the chance to try-on any glasses from the comfort of their home.

More Features

Augmented Beauty

Optimized for Low-End Devices

Optimized for full performance, even on every devices.

Skin Assestment

Evaluates the user’s skin type, skin texture, dryness, and discoloration.

Product Recommendation

Offers personalized product suggestions based on users face type and skin tone.

Wide Range of Products

From foundation to eyeliner, any make-up products can be offered to users for virtual try-on.

Augmented Glasses

Real-Time Tracking

With our real time face analysis algorithm user can try products on live without latency.

Suggestion Tool

Offers personalized product suggestions based on users’ facial features such as nose structure.

Low Poly 3D Modelling

We can make Low-Poly 3D Models of your products for you.

Virtual Marketplace

Creates a market place where you can display 3D models of your products.

Boost Your Omnichannel Strategy

pulpoar mobile application


Through the integration into already i-use e-commerce apps, we can create and opportunity  for the consumer to try-on a desired product before committing to the final purchase.

pulpoar web stores


Your website visitors and potential customers may be able try your products via your website on any web browser.

pulpoar smart mirror


By combining our technology with smart mirrors, we can offer your consumers a virtual try-on experience in your offline stores.

pulpoar digital signage


Users can also try their products and make purchases via digital signage.

pulpoar social media


Your products can turn into fun filters that your users can try and share them on social media.

Try out technology and see for yourself!


Try out technology and see for yourself!

Learn about AR marketing on our blog

Learn about AR marketing on our blog

Learn about AR marketing on our blog

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