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Hair Color

Hair Color

The Supreme Virtual Salon Experience with the hair segmentation technology

Hair Color

Real Hair Color Experience

Experiment with
Hair Color

Experiment with Hair Color

Live Hair Color lets users try on a wide range of hyper-realistic hair colors without visiting a salon. It creates the most realistic experience with its high-accuracy application level.

Find the Best Color Match

Experiment with different hair colors that can be easily tried multiple hair colors, from purple to brown, and even two-color shades in just seconds.

High Accuracy of
Hairline Detection

High Accuracy of Hairline Detection

It detects the hairline and moves as the user’s face moves, which allows users to move their heads and see the hair color from different angles.


Hyper-realistic virtual effect

AI helps to identify the unique movements of individual hair strings and show precise gradient colouring on hair.

Precise color matching detection

Color-matching detection provides that the hair shades are modified depending on the specified base color.


Technology Behind the Magic

Technology Behind the Magic

Technology Behind the Magic

Hair Segmentation

Hair colour changing model under hair segmentation purely reflects the real colours on digital platforms with %85 accuracy level.

Face Detection

Precise 3D facial micro-feature tracking is used to identify facial features like eyes, mouth, nose at high speed on real time / photo virtual try on.

Amaze Your Customers with Outstanding
Hair Solution

Amaze Your Customers with Outstanding Hair Solution

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