Real Life Use Cases of Virtual Try-On

Contactless transactions have gained great importance in our lives due to the ongoing pandemic that affects the whole world. In addition to this, regaining the user experience lost by customers with the prohibition of trying products in stores during this period has also become a critical problem for brands. Virtual try-on solutions bring a splendid solution to these problems.

The concept of augmented reality and technological products developed in this way affect our shopping experiences. One of the best examples of this is virtual try-on. Virtual try-on, which makes a significant difference in the increasingly competitive environment in e-commerce, has started to give successful results by being tested on important products in real life. 

Let’s look at the projects and brands that have actualized virtual try-on, which makes a significant difference especially in products such as cosmetics and sunglasses.

M.A.C Cosmetics: Virtual Try-On within Youtube Video
Credits: M.A.C.

Anyone trying to buy a product online can be quite stressed that the product is right for them. Today, various technologies are entering the market and transforming the retail space to offer new experiences in the market. One of them was the virtual try-on experience that M.A.C Cosmetics used in YouTube videos.

One of the focal points of M.A.C Cosmetics, one of the entrepreneurs in this sector, is try-on experience. Creating solutions with built-in or mobile methods to alleviate the stress of customers, M.A.C presented a physics-supported product that simulates a suitable session with a 3D customer avatar. It has a productive trial experience for make-up and other cosmetic products on YouTube through augmented reality.

Michael Kors: Virtual Try-On Sunglasses on Facebook
Credits: Michael Kors

One of the sectors that offer virtual try-on using augmented reality and achieve very high success in this is the sunglasses. One of the brands that think there are more ways to find the best glasses for customers is Michael Kors. By offering an augmented reality experience on Facebook, it helped visitors find the most suitable sunglasses by offering them a virtual try-on. Thus, they encountered positive returns in customer experience.

The virtual try-on, which is of great importance for a product chosen according to many variables such as face shape and eye structure, such as sunglasses, provided positive returns to the Michael Kors brand.

Pulpoar: Virtual Try-On Cosmetics

The local initiative called PulpoAR, which develops augmented reality technologies, realizes new projects for brands. One of these projects developed by the company specifically for brands is in Akasya Shopping Mall. Like Michael Kors and M.A.C Cosmetics, PulpoAR provides a reliable shopping experience by allowing users to experience any cosmetic product they want with zero contact at Akasya Shopping Mall.

With the augmented reality technology, visitors can see the product of any brand on the digital screen without contact and experience it in person. Consumers who read the QR code on the screen on their smart devices are directed to the relevant website and after selecting the product of the brand they want from this website, they can try this product virtually instantly thanks to the camera on the digital screen.