PulpoAR is connecting the physical and digital worlds: “MetaBeauty”

The new wave in virtual makeup try-on

PulpoAR is one of the world’s leading technology manufacturers that has been developing omnichannel Virtual Try-on augmented shopping solutions using AR & AI technologies customized for beauty brands for the last 1.5 years in the beauty technologies market. 

Beauty brands are struggling to increase their conversion rate, ROI, and engagement with consumers. Beauty consumers have hygiene concerns and avoid purchasing before trying the product. There is also huge waste for the environment due to product returns and plastic used for testers. With PulpoAR’s solutions which is applicable for facial makeup, nail color, hair color, (AI skin analysis) consumers can try desired products anywhere, anytime; and brands can maintain their sales channels and increase their ROI without wasting resources and saving cost for testers.

PulpoAR, which makes virtual make-up applications in the beauty industry with augmented reality technologies and facial recognition technology, now responds to the change in the beauty industry and digital world with a “meta” wave.

With the rapid introduction of Metaverse into our lives, MetaBeauty will herald a new revolution in virtual make-up technologies. With MetaBeauty, which will be launched by PulpoAR in 2022, makeup artists, influencers and brands will present their NFT collections as the first step of the future beauty world.

The interoperability and portability of Meta Beautys’s collection across platforms and applications set the prior principles in technical development. In order to create a solid foundation for this purpose, tools such as wallet,marketplace, mobile application, and visual NFT explorer will be developed so that the community can interact and benefit easily and securely. The community will be discovering more and more use cases in time. A browser-based game will be released where Beauty holders can parade and interact. Along with the game, the #BeautyToken, which will be the native currency of the projects, will be announced. This asset, which will act like a utility and share token, will be listed on prestigious CESx and DEXs. Along with the #BeautyToken we will be able to see DeFi features such as staking and DAO in the project.