Augmented Reality to Take Center Stage in Cosmetics

You now know there is a way to do it all – keep customer satisfaction high, drive new customers and increase the conversion rate. And you know that being online and offering choices are no longer enough to satisfy 76% of online shoppers that believe convenience is key. But now you can amaze them with the ultimate combination: certainty of trying on products in the comfort of their own homes. What you don’t know is this: some of the beauty brands have already figured it out and started adopting the solution that is Virtual Try-On (VTO). 

Virtual Try-On both in Offline and Online Shopping

The VTO provides the customer with one of the overlooked aspects of (both online and offline) shopping: fun. Right now, the buyers are either in-store with some pandemic restrictions, or they are online, sacrificing the immersive and experimental aspect of physical shopping. In the first scenario, implementing the VTO technology in your stores would overcome possible hygiene and skin irritation problems for your customers and reduce the cost of testers from your end. And it’s no secret that 30% of Gen Z and millennials would go out of their ways to visit stores with smart technology, according to the Future of Shopping report. So, it holds the potential of drawing more customers in. 

vto phoneIn the second scenario, you get to craft an entertaining customer experience online – which is what 29% of online shoppers are after. They can be doing make-up online or still just be browsing, experiencing your brand and your products. And be it the revolutionary trial experience or the virtual makeovers, the VTO can make purchasing decisions much easier while making returns much less likely. But in both scenarios, you get to offer an omnichannel touchless experience that fits your e-commerce goals like a glove


Customers Prefer VTO

You secure the bonus points from the customers when you implement an augmented reality (AR) tool that has an easy-to-use interface without compromising high speed, which is what PulpoAR offers. A virtual store assistant that can analyse the texture, lines and tone of a virtual shopper’s skin and makes suggestions based on the analysis sounds too good to be true. But it’s tried and tested and even reached 1.5 million try-ons in a little over a month. It’s a guaranteed way of hitting many of your KPI’s. More time spent on the website? Check. Increased total sessions? Check. Sales made directly via the VTO page? Check, check, check.

You want to see actual numbers? See how a collaboration with PulpoAR has enhanced the customer experience of Flormar and increased the sales of the Turkish market leader. It’s worth remembering that AI/AR shopping is more than a sales or PR campaign, it’s there to put you in front of the competition. And PulpoAR is here to help you reinvent yourself as a digital-first brand and lead the way to the virtual future of beauty and cosmetics.