Yves Rocher became our first partner integrating pop-ups into Virtual Try-On!

"In the tech solution we developed with PulpoAR, we have achieved a great synergy because of the support we received during onboarding processes, openness to developments, and easily applying what we want in our color requests"
Esen Büyükuzun
Yves Rocher E-commerce Manager
The Goal: Building a Successful Personalized Customer Journey 

Yves Rocher is a global cosmetics and beauty brand with more than 15 thousand employees in 5 factories. It brings its products together with those looking for natural ingredients in cosmetics in 1700+ stores around the world. 

The Solution: With the theme of “The most natural virtual make-up is with you” Yves Rocher enables you to try its make-up products whenever and wherever you want

Nature-friendly Yves Rocher invites its consumers to reveal its natural beauty and protect our planet with 100% vegetarian make-up products made with natural formula products. They searched for a new way of reaching new customers by giving them the opportunity to experience their products live and engage with the brand. The virtual make-up application developed with PulpoAR for more women to reach naturalness also offers dozens of products in 8 different product categories.

Technology behind the project

PulpoAR has integrated its technology into the Yves Rocher website with Iframe, an easy and fast way of integration. There were two different successful integrations: Landing Page and Product Detail Page/ Pop-up Integration. 

A particular page for virtual makeup which allows visitors to try products virtually in all categories was created. PulpoAR’s UI/UX design templates that are applicable to both mobile and desktop devices were used on the page. The entire design was re-customized with Yves Rocher’s design teams. With the “Go to product” button on the page, visitors were directed to the product detail page to have more information about the product. Also, visitors who want to buy the product they have tried could click on the “Add to cart” button and successfully purchase the product. 

Additionally,  we have added a call to action button named “Try the Product Virtually” on the product detail page for the visitors who want to try a particular product or have previously thought of purchasing it. After clicking the button, a pop-up page appears on which the visitors can only try the colors of the chosen product. As PulpoAR, we have applied this feature with Yves Rocher for the first time.

Online – offline integration is a key factor to boost sales!

QR Code visuals are placed in the stores

Platforms Used

Website                     Instagram (Filter)

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing investment is a must for maximum benefit

Acted with a marketing perspective emphasizing virtual try-on as a new and innovative tool in all online & offline areas of the brand that touches the consumer

  • Homepage banner/ Landing page 
  • Influencer campaign 
  • Social media campaign 
  • Paid search (social media and google ads)
  • Store branding
  • Short movie – How to use video
  • Mailing and sms sending
  • Youtube campaign (youtuber collaboration)
The Results: Yves Rocher brought the make-up products to the consumers with a great interaction in just 1 month
  • Total number of unique visitor: 5K+
  • Total number of VTO: 51K+
  • Total number of sessions: 41K+
  • Average screen time per session: 1.85 min
  • Number of add to cart: 236

VTO is the most sophisticated AR commerce technology for beauty brands and brings a new perspective to the sector that provides a competitive advantage in the market.  It will be a must for brands who want to step further and be a game-changer. 

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