Will Virtual Try-On Change How We Shop?

Today, with the changing communication habits, our shopping and consumption habits are also changing and becoming digital. Brands that keep up with this change are also getting ahead in the increasing competition in e-commerce as well as customer loyalty. So how will virtual try-on change the way we shop?

It is, of course, possible to change shopping habits with augmented reality. We can say this as follows. Since the day digitalization started, our communication habits, consumption habits, and shopping habits are constantly changing. Today, e-commerce is one of the largest markets in the world. Will virtual try-on create a fundamental change in our constantly changing habits?  We say yes.

The Impact of Virtual Try-On on Online Shopping

When we say the future of online shopping, it is necessary to talk about the expectations of the customers. Consumers who find time valuable and carry their shopping online also aim to get the maximum benefit from the product they buy. This benefit is measured by the quality, delivery time, and suitability of the product. Utilizing technology to find the most suitable product for the consumer creates an important difference especially in online shopping.

For Customers

Every consumer who prefers shopping online and expects maximum happiness from this choice will choose virtual try-on. In the pandemic period, it is not possible to try a product even in offline shopping. The consumer, who has never been able to do this in online shopping, wants to know before purchasing the product. Augmented reality or virtual trial that the consumer knows is of course a priority for the customer.

For Brands

The virtual try-on provides important benefits for marketers as well as customer satisfaction. Virtual try-on helps marketers establish a certain emotional bond with customers. For example, the virtual experience delivered on a model with little or no resemblance to the consumer, or unlike photos, with augmented reality is like reality: consumers can see them and even interact with them.

During the pandemic period when people and brands make significant changes in their consumption and marketing habits, brands that prefer applications such as virtual try-on will come to the fore.

Credits: Visage Technologies

Virtual Try-On and Shopping Habits 

We mentioned that the use of augmented reality and the virtual trial has many positive effects on brands and customers. So how will this affect our shopping habits? Can we say that the future of shopping is on a completely different platform?

With the effect of technology developing after the change in the world after the pandemic, companies started to look for more attractive ways to attract customers online. One of the most attractive ways was the virtual experiment. Over time, in online stores, with work starting today, customers will be able to browse a virtual version of a real store, talk to employees, and even share their experiences with friends via video chat.

Of course, this is not a scenario where shopping will take place entirely online. However, looking at the shopping habits of the last 30 years, it is seen that online shopping has increased in recent years. Moreover, with the increasing technological support for online shopping, it is seen that this shopping will be digital but very close to reality. We can say that shopping habits are definitely changing, continuing to change, and will change by becoming more digital.

In the very near future, we can say that people who go to the store and try on clothes or glasses will be an option for the elderly who do not have technological adaptation. Or going to the store can be a nostalgic activity for young people. The digitalization of shopping habits is not a utopian scenario in today’s world where socialization and communication habits have changed.