Why Should You Use an AR Beauty Solution?

AR beauty solution is a revolutionary technology for creating an outstanding customer experience from how customers engage, decide, try-on, and purchase. AR beauty plays an incredible accelerator role. It rapidly gets into every part of the beauty industry with various forms of technological advancements within online and in-store platforms.  

AR beauty touchless virtual try-on technology helps brands to turn people into happy and loyal customers. It enables customers to try, to see how it looks on them and even without walking into physical stores. AR beauty solution is a powerful tool for makeup brands in that they are able to build an emotional connection and increase customer engagement. Narrating strong stories and meeting their needs that they are not actually aware, provide a huge impression on them. Therefore, it leads to a boosting effect on sales. In addition, considering the fact that makeup brands’ inquiry for appealing to the hearts of millennials, makeup brands invest more in AR beauty solutions. 

What is Possible with AR Beauty Solution?

Not being able to use testers in-stores, beauty brands must use an innovative solution to sustain their sales. Here, AR beauty comes onto the stage!

Touchless AR beauty solutions provide beauty brands to create their physical shopping experience within the virtual engagement. Customers can enjoy the touchless try-on conforming to hygiene and health standards at the same time. Customers can try as many products as they want before deciding their ultimate choices. The technology can also be applied within the shopping websites of beauty brands and their mobile apps. Customers can try-on it on their phones or computers, which makes the shopping experience funnier and more effortless. 

Here how AR beauty solution works:

First, the AR beauty algorithm analyses the frame of the face, skin color, and sense organs. Customers can choose products from blush to lipstick, which color, and type they would like to try, and the screen shows how it looks on the customer’s face within seconds. And then, on the website and mobile app, the products can easily be added to the basket, and the customer is forwarded to the payment step.

Beauty companies not only increase sales by boosting customer engagement but also personalize their offer. In addition, they become better equipped to listen to their increasingly demanding customers by collecting data. Data collection provides companies to develop better products in alignment with users’ needs.

There have been tremendous shifts in our daily choices and behaviors with the effect of Covid-19. Now, we have been living in a world where customers prefer brands that can call out to their hearts by telling engaging stories. Providing solutions to the obstacles which even they are not aware of, and making their lives easier leads to the success of the brand.

AR solutions have been an accelerator as an innovative solution for various industries. Industries such as eye-wear, jewelry, clothes, and even furniture, and much more use  AR solutions to boost their sales and increase customer engagement.

Industry Insights

Here are some industry insights from Poplar Studio that basically frames the reality with the concrete numbers: (https://poplar.studio/)

  • %75 of people expect retailers to offer an AR experience
  • 11X higher likelihood for customers to purchase for items when AR try-on is available
  • %32 of retailers are already planning to use AR or VR 

The future is virtual! We predict that more players within different industries and the beauty industry will be a pioneer benefiting from AR. And they use beauty solutions for makeup promotions and offerings in the upcoming future.  

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