Transforming the Retail with AR Technology

The application of disruptive technologies has become more important than ever for retail industry players. Augmented Reality (AR) technology is one of them that offers a new digital experience. It transforms the customer experience into a visually interactive approach, allowing brands to connect with their consumers in unlimited creative ways. AR experiences generate a 70% higher memory response compared to non-AR experiences, meaning that these kinds of experiences make brands much more unforgettable to consumers and directly affect purchasing behavior.

AR Technology

The application of AR technology is very useful, especially in the beauty industry. Touchless AR beauty solutions provide beauty brands to create their physical shopping experience within the virtual engagement with customers by delivering touchless try-on conforming hygiene and health standards at the same time. Customers can try as many products as they want before deciding their ultimate choices. The technology can also be applied within the shopping websites of the beauty brands and their mobile apps. Customers can try-on it via their phones or computers, which makes the shopping experience funnier and more effortless. 

Touchless interactions have gained great importance in our lives. Due to the fact that sample products are out of use, it has become a critical problem for brands to regain the interactive user experience. As PulpoAR, we bring an innovative solution for these problems. In addition to our web & app integration, we provide digital signages like smart mirrors and smart kiosks on which users can virtually try-on the products. We provide a reliable shopping experience by offering visitors the opportunity to try-on the cosmetic products that they want to try in shopping malls and brick-and-mortar. It provides a virtual trial before purchasing and saves your time by not cleaning up and putting on bunches of different products on your face. 

Smart Mirror Set Up

We have set up our first smart mirror at Akasya Shopping Mall, which offers a brand new shopping experience. Created for the first time in Turkey, our touch-free AR technology will take customers’ shopping experience to a new dimension.

Watch the product video on Youtube

Visitors are able to see the products from recorded brands on the digital screen, all with a touchless experience. Visitors scan the QR code via their smartphones and will be directed to a website. On the website, they select the products of the brand they select. After that, they are able to virtually try the product, instantly by using the camera on the digital screen. After the try-on experience, the “Get a Discount” button appears on the screen for the related products. Then, visitors will be able to take the discount code to the relevant store in Akasya to purchase the product.

In today’s world, where people are spending less on things and investing more in gaining experiences, the marketing of goods and services with AR will gather pace. It is the digital-first brand that takes the best position to win in this new environment. Let Pulpoar’s experts show you how you can use AR technology for your brand to be best positioned among your competitors.