The Best Ways to Use AR Face Filters for Your Brand

Augmented Reality (AR) face filters are becoming more and more popular each day. And especially face filters are now a big part of the growth in popularity of Snapchat, Instagram, and even Facebook.

This popularity shift has affected many brands’ new marketing actions. Recently, there is a major increase in the use of Web AR filters and AR face filters in social apps from fashion brands. Even the food sector uses them to promote their brand and products.

If we look at the stats, Instagram Stories is a very effective way to engage with social media users especially with the young Z generation. According to Hootsuite, 500 million accounts used Instagram Stories every day in 2019. And 67% of all Instagram users’  age is between 18 and 29.

Advantages to Brands and Best Usage Ways

AR face filters are simply interactive features that are a fun and catchy way for brands to engage with the audience. They also have many advantageous points for the business. Here are some examples of the best usage ways:

Connect with Users Easily

According to Hootsuite, almost 60% of businesses are today using Instagram Stories to create interaction points with their customers. And brand customed AR filters are the latest trendy Instagram Stories feature. Users easily catch up with these filters, if your filter is not promotional, it will display in Instagram’s Effect Gallery where any user can find it. It is just a matter of time that your one unique face filter concept can make your business go viral!

Create Your Brand’s Personality, Increase Awareness

Since AR face filters seem like fun and joyful features, any unique concept that you design is might get appealing to customers’ hearts and build brand loyalty. Custom AR face filters are a perfect way to reflect your brand’s voice and stand out from your competitors.

You might add your brand’s logo or mascot into an AR filter or create an AR filter for users to try-on a product virtually to help them make a purchase. Also, your business can create custom filters for your brand to show support for social causes.

Grow Organically

Easily save on ad costs. When your audience share stories with your face filter organically, their followers also get exposed to your brand and bring new audiences without costs. Don’t forget that organic users’ acquisition pays off right away, on the other hand, paid users are hard to gain and retain.

Custom Web AR Filters Analytics

A valuable advantage of using Web-based AR Filters in your business’s marketing campaign is that you reach out a full package of performance analytics for every action – such as views, unique users, time on page, CTRs, and geo-location. Through the analysis, your brand can analyze your audience’s behavior motives in a much more detailed way.

Use Cases
  • During the pandemic circumstances, Turkish Airlines has launched a filter called “Turkish Airlines My Dream Destination Project” to give hope and joy to everyone in lockdown by creating the experience of traveling virtually in a dreamed place by the user. The campaign has gained a 1.2M impressions, 993K opens, 171K captures, and 21.8K shares.

  • Zubizu has launched a Valentine’s Day special campaign and gained 6.1M impressions, 4.2M opens, 2M captures, and 135.7K shares.

  • On Women’s Day, Rossman has campaigned a filter called “Sen Hangi Kadınsın?/Which women are you?” to show support for a social cause and create engagement perfectly specified to their audience by getting 2.8M impressions, 2.2M opens, 818.7K captures, and 45.4K shares.

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