PulpoAR Skincare

Skin AI: Redefining Skincare Analysis with Precision

In the world of beauty and Skincare Analysis, understanding your skin’s unique needs is paramount to achieving radiant and healthy skin. PulpoAR presents a revolutionary solution that blends cutting-edge AI technology with the expertise of dermatologists to offer an advanced skin analysis tool. Crafted in collaboration with Yves Rocher Turkiye, PulpoAR’s Skin Analysis tool empowers users with an insightful evaluation of their skin’s strengths and areas that require attention across seven distinct skin concerns. This innovative tool not only diagnoses but also suggests tailored care products from Yves Rocher’s lineup, ensuring a personalized skincare regimen that aligns perfectly with your skin’s requirements. In this way, Yves Rocher Turkiye understands the skin of its users and offers them a better service. In addition, Yves Rocher has the opportunity to introduce its product range to users easily.

Unveiling the AI Skin Diagnostic: Where Precision Meets Beauty

Imagine a skincare assistant that comprehends your skin better than anyone else. The AI Skin Diagnostic by PulpoAR makes this vision a reality. Merging the brilliance of AI with the discerning eye of dermatologists, this tool offers instantaneous skin analysis through the fusion of face mapping and algorithmic measurement. It’s like having a private consultation with a team of skincare experts, right at your fingertips.

Empowering You with Insights: The Science Behind PulpoAR’s Accuracy

At the heart of PulpoAR’s Skin AI lies an ingenious combination of AI-powered face mapping and skin health visualization. This synergistic approach allows the tool to detect an impressive array of eight crucial Skincare Analysis parameters, each pivotal in crafting a holistic understanding of your skin’s condition:


Uncover the truth about your skin’s texture and resilience. PulpoAR’s AI doesn’t just pinpoint wrinkles but classifies them based on depth and severity, leading to targeted recommendations for a smoother appearance.


Hydration is the foundation of healthy skin. The AI Skin Diagnostic adeptly measures your skin’s moisture levels, offering insights into maintaining an optimal balance for that coveted radiant glow.


Striking the right balance of oil production is key to preventing breakouts and achieving a matte yet naturally luminous complexion. PulpoAR’s AI effortlessly gauges your skin’s oiliness, paving the way for tailored solutions.


Bid farewell to guesswork when it comes to acne management. PulpoAR’s AI goes beyond surface-level analysis, delving into the intricacies of acne-prone skin to suggest precise products that can make a tangible difference.

Dark Circles:

The windows to your soul deserve special attention. The AI Skin Diagnostic not only identifies the presence of dark circles but also comprehends their underlying causes, allowing for strategic interventions.

Pore Size:

Say hello to refined pores and improved skin texture. PulpoAR’s AI accurately measures pore size, aiding in the selection of products that can minimize their appearance for a smoother canvas.


Whether from sensitivity or irritation, redness can be a stubborn concern. PulpoAR’s AI discerns the nuances of skin redness and recommends soothing remedies for a calmer complexion.


From sunspots to uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues are addressed with finesse by the AI Skin Diagnostic. The precise analysis leads to personalized suggestions for achieving a more balanced complexion.

AI Skin Technology: Unlocking Personalized Skincare

Your Skincare Analysis Ally: A Seamless Integration of AI and Expertise

PulpoAR’s Skin AI isn’t just a tool; it’s your skincare confidante. This advanced technology complements the discerning eye of dermatologists, harmonizing their insights with AI’s computational precision. As a result, you receive recommendations that are as informed as they are personalized, ensuring that your skincare journey is both effective and enjoyable.

In the fast-paced world of skincare, PulpoAR emerges as a beacon of innovation, redefining the way we understand and care for our Skincare Analysis. By leveraging AI’s capabilities alongside dermatologists’ wisdom, this Skin Analysis tool opens doors to a new era of skincare – one that marries science, expertise, and personalization seamlessly. Say goodbye to skincare guesswork and embrace a future where your skin’s unique needs are not only understood but celebrated, resulting in the radiant, healthy complexion you’ve always desired.

Helping discover the Most Appropriate Skincare Products

With an overwhelming number of skincare products available on the market, finding the ones that suit your specific needs can be a daunting task. AI skin technology simplifies this process by offering personalized recommendations. By analyzing an individual’s skin type, concerns, and goals, AI algorithms can suggest the best skincare products from a vast database of options. This saves time and effort and increases the chances of finding products that will truly benefit the skin.