Revolution in the Beauty Industry: How Does The Pandemic Drive Skin Care Market?

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced most of the world to stay at home, and nearly all physical stores temporarily closed their doors, we had no choice but to buy our beauty products online. Even after some stores reopened, safety and health precautions made trying products before purchasing obsolete, and asking a salesperson for advice increased the risk of spreading the deadly virus. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the global demand for the cosmetic skin care market, which was estimated to be worth US$145.3 billion in 2020, is expected to grow to US$185.5 billion by 2027. In order to get a share of the cake, cosmetic companies need to ensure their future. Adapting to the changing world is the way for their survival.

How COVID-19 Levels Up Skin Care Market? 

The urge for feeling good pushes cosmetic skincare product sales in COVID-19 times. People are seeking a pandemic-friendly way for health and beauty. Thanks to the augmented reality features, it can easily be done through their mobile devices. “Try-on” technology, which allows consumers to see how items look on them before buying them, is the opportunity for the beauty retailers to solve real pain points of the customers. Moreover, an AI-powered skin diagnostic tool provides customers an online skincare analysis experience. Besides the analysis, if you are also looking for some skin tips during COVID-19, check this ultimate guide!

What Can Technology Do For You to Boost Your Sales in Beauty Retail?

Shopping for skincare can be overwhelming because there are so many different products on the market, making it difficult to know which ones are the best for your skin and its unique needs. The personalized skin analysis tool powered by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, tells customers the products that they need.  Low-cost screening technologies with real-time diagnosis and simple interface, revolutionize the beauty sector.

The findings of the diagnostic skincare tool showed that an AI algorithm can detect skincare metrics with a similar degree of accuracy as specialists. Through real-time and highly accurate skin analysis; wrinkles, dark circles, melasma, hyperpigmentation, redness, spots, oiliness, and moisture are analyzed instantly. Besides, customers receive tailored product recommendations based on the results of the personalized skin analysis. The product recommendation system frees customers from the hassle of choosing the most suitable product for them among millions of products. Artificial intelligence provides an opportunity for the beauty industry by preventing COVID-19 from adversely affecting these industries. Facial and skin analysis technology can be a tool for beauty retailers, resulting in new customers and better customer retention.

Future of Skin Care

The growth of the skincare market depends on the potential of companies to improve the customer experience. During the COVID-19 crisis, providing customers personalized and simple-to-use tools is critical to enhancing the customer experience. The development of in-depth skin analysis and computer vision technology has the potential to drive the beauty industry.

To develop a powerful method, PulpoAR collaborated with dermatologists to analyze thousands of images of people with various skin types. PulpoAR offers a personalized skin analysis tool powered by artificial intelligence that analyzes visible skin concerns. For more information, contact us by clicking the image below. We would love to hear from you!