PulpoAR vs Spark AR: What is the Difference?

What is Spark AR?

Spark AR Studio is an augmented reality platform that allows you to create AR effects for mobile phones. It has its own library of face, ground, and hand recognition. Users can develop AR filters using this public library. Although Spark AR is an AR development platform open to every user, the user can only make changes on the design of the developed AR filters. They cannot reach face or hand recognition algorithms and models. Another thing about Spark AR is AR filters that are developed within the platform can only be used on Instagram and Facebook platforms.

How does PulpoAR differ?

As PulpoAR, we have created our own face and hand recognition model. To create our own face recognition model and algorithm, we used a machine learning process with labeling approximately 50,000 face data according to the makeup regions. This model can define 68 points both in real-time try-on and on a photo. These 68 points were arranged to create a unique algorithm for makeup products. This face recognition model works at 30 fps in real-time trial and offers a realistic experience. We have also made this face recognition model to work both on websites and mobile applications. Also, PulpoAR is a cloud-based technology, so it responds much faster.

In our nail recognition model, as in the face recognition model, a unique data set that we created from nail data was created by the machine learning process. At the same time, this nail virtual try-on is the first web-based model in the world.  

A significant point that distinguishes PulpoAR from Spark AR is that the latter can only be integrated into Facebook and Instagram. In contrast, PulpoAR’s technology can be integrated into all e-commerce platforms and smart mirrors.

Do we also use Spark AR too?

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are not integrated with 3rd party AR technologies, so we continue to use Spark AR in our social media-oriented projects. We can create very realistic makeup experiences with Spark AR with our know-how on makeup AR applications.

With our own SDK, we can offer our virtual try-on technology on any website, mobile application, and smart mirror.  We can offer an experience on Instagram and Facebook with Spark AR and on Snapchat with Lens Studio, as well.