CEO of PulpoAR, Onur Candan, had an interview with Digital Report on digital solutions

In the interview with Digital Report, CEO of PulpoAR, Onur Candan, emphasizes that digital solutions will be decisive throughout the experience journey in the stores.

Highlights of the interview:

“Even though consumers got used to online shopping during the pandemic, they rushed into the stores after the lockdowns. In the beauty/cosmetics industry, physical stores might lose their importance but will not completely vanish. Consumers would still want to avoid queues and experience multi-alternative payment, that is why we think virtual applications will increase gradually. Digital solutions will also be decisive for the stores. For instance, the ban of testers will lead the brands to apply QR codes or smart mirror solutions. Therefore, the integration of digital practices to in-store shopping will be inevitable”

We thank Savaş Önemli for this great interview.