How to Integrate Virtual Try On to Mobile Devices

 There are thousands of players in the beauty industry. The ones who want to differentiate should apply innovative ways to keep their audiences attention and maintain customer loyalty. Beauty AR technology brings innovation into customer experience in that it enables customers to virtually try-on via mobile in the comfort of their home. That sounds great, right?

The technology behind the scenes has always been an intriguing point for our potential users, customers, and the people who have just explored virtual try-on solution. In this blog post, we will examine the mechanism and explain the technology behind our mobile integration solution. 

Digitalization Process

Before integrating the makeup products into mobile web and app, PulpoAR experts start the digitalization process of the products in our studio. This process takes four steps as follows.

  1. The product to be digitalized is applied to mannequins.
  2. We convert the product’s original RGB to a new RGB value with a colour conversion algorithm. The converted RGB value and the image processing system have a dynamic structure that matches the colour of the light, lip and skin tone.
  3. PulpoAR Makeup consultants review the digitalized product for approval. Experts make interpretations according to the difference between the product’s reality and its digital version. Color, texture, light are tested in this step.
  4. After approval, the tech team transfers the digitalized product is to PulpoAR Customer Management System.
Integration Process

After the digitalization process, tech team of the brand does the integration by following the instructions on the documentation that we provide both for web and app. This process is faster than the digitalization step, and our experts are always ready to guide and support along with all these processes.

Mechanism Behind the Scenes

Virtual try-on technology works within the Webview, meaning that the user performs a transaction on the website in the back. The mechanism works like the following:

  • Opening a full-screen browser with a template.
  • Communicating with the application in a Webview on any product detail page or a specially created page.

These two ways make integration faster and usage by the customers more comfortable.

What is next?

There are exciting features that our experts are now working hard on. Real-time try on optimization is one of them to provide a better user experience. Besides the facial makeup, hair, and nail colour try on will be live in April 2021. Even more exciting is skin analytics that analyses the user’s skin texture, mood, health, and offers customized products. Moreover, the brand will also see the number of trials, conversion rate and similar metrics thanks to our business analytics tool.

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