Having successfully integrated AR virtual try-on technology, Flormar reached 1.5 million try-ons in just 40 days with a 360-degree marketing approach!

For our client Flormar, more than 1.5 Million Virtual try-ons were recorded in 40 days
I am proud to introduce the Flormar Virtual Makeup experience, our latest digital investment that takes our vision of innovation to the next level. The colorful world of Flormar is now one click away!
Matthieu Gomart
Flormar CEO

Flormar is the market leader makeup brand of Turkey. Aiming to be the closest innovative beauty brand, Flormar collaborated with PulpoAR to create an experience beyond physical stores. Here comes the augmented reality virtual try-on solution into the stage!


Due to the Covid-19 health restrictions, testers are not allowed in stores, and people’s shopping preferences are more inclined to switch to online shopping lately. For customers, making a purchasing decision on a product was difficult. And for Flormar, keeping customer satisfaction high, driving new customers, increasing the conversion rate were significant challenges. The aim was to create an outstanding customer experience, increasing their loyalty by offering them an innovative solution that will lead to more traffic, more time spent on online and offline stores, and higher conversion rates.


With the partnership of PulpoAR, Flormar has gone beyond physical store experiences with AR technology and expanded its existing e-commerce channel with virtual try-on solutions. The unique color-changing algorithm in PulpoAR’s technology is developed to provide the best harmony between the product and the skin. It can detect various points on the lips and face, giving the most realistic results.

“As Flormar, we once again stand out in the industry thanks to our new project, which has been developed in line with our changing vision and customer-oriented approach by considering the needs of makeup lovers and offers a contactless and safe makeup and shopping experience.” – Matthieu Gomart, Flormar CEO

With the AI algorithms and machine learning used, point detection is made on the face or hands. Here, the tricky point is establishing a system that educates and develops itself after each trial; the development process was completed based on different variations such as light, skin color, hair color, face type, and product type. And the integration of these complex algorithms was easily integrated into software-based systems via the cloud system. 

Web and mobile screen 

Users can easily experience multiple products on their faces and nails within seconds. 

In-store screen experience

Customers can quickly access the virtual try-on application from their own devices by scanning QR codes. It enables them to try the products they like and save time.

Social media accounts 

Flormar colors can be tried while browsing on social media. Users can easily include their friends in this fun experience, capture and share photos&videos. 



It is a revolutionary technology for the trial experience that makes purchasing decisions much easier for customers. At the same time, with virtual try-on solutions, possible hygiene and skin irritation are overcome for customers, and the cost of testers is reduced for the brand. Its high-speed and easy usage attracts the customers and enables them to prefer Flormar for their cosmetic shopping. At the same time, customers describe this experience as highly enjoyable.

Overflow of Flormar’s colors from physical stores by spreading all omnichannel platforms with touchless experience positively affected many vital metrics for the company, such as the traffic generated to the website, conversion rates, and the average elapsed time.

  • This accessible, convenient and fun experience has increased the average time on the website to 110 seconds.
  • Total sessions on the website have increased 7%, and the virtual try-on plugin accounts for 25% of the total sessions. Virtual try on page stands out as the 2nd most visited page following the homepage.
  • More than 1.5 million virtual try-ons were recorded over 40,000 products in just 40 days. 
  • 3.12% of the total sales transactions were made via virtual try on page. 
Actionable insights with instant data

With the dashboard PulpoAR provides, Flormar can track the metrics like SKU trials, session time, and most tried products. Then, Flormar turns this data-driven knowledge into action like making improvements on products, creating a new range according to customer needs, and shaping marketing strategies accordingly.

Superior experience on nail colors

nail colors

Virtual nail polish experience covers 39% of the total experience. And “On a virtual nail polish page, users spend 61 seconds on average.”

Numbers show that customers loved virtual nail polish technology that is first in its class.

“We are currently working to spread this cooperation to our other branches in the world, to the Flormar world. We will start with Costa Rica first, currently, we are preparing for it. On the launch date of this project, our phones didn’t stop ringing all coming from our partners abroad. Now, 110 countries are so willing and ready to work with PulpoAR.” – Gökçen Akyol, Flormar Brand Communication Manager 

Users can now try a wide range of products and combine them within seconds

A user tried an average of 26 products on the website. Lipstick is on top of the list with the highest number of trials, and nail polish is second among these products. Since users can try various products on the same page, they do not leave the website. In this way, they can spend more time on the website and review more products.

Customers do not need to tire their skin anymore

Customers used to spend a lot of time trying products and had to apply them to their skin. With the virtual try-on solution, customers can now quickly try out makeup products and this way they do not need to fray their skin for trial.

Customers can easily access the virtual try-on experience from the website, application, social media, and smart screens in physical stores. With the 85% reality level provided by PulpoAR virtual try on technology, customers can confidently know how the product will look on themselves. And the best side is that customers can do it all from the comfort of their home or anywhere they want.

Disrupting the Future with Beauty AR

The benefits of virtual try-on create a bridge between users and the brand. This bridge turn users into brand advocates. This technology brings a new perspective to the sector and it will also provide a competitive advantage in the market. It will become necessary for each brand and indispensable for visionary brands who want to step further. Put it briefly, virtual try-on technology is no longer a luxury but a must for brands.

Does Flormar inspire you? Would you like to be a beauty pioneer in customer experience, too? We’re here to help you achieve that.