Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Why to Work with the Right AR Solution Company

The AR Beauty market is getting bigger every year and customers are inclined to purchase from the brands offering virtual try on over those they do not offer. 22% of the beauty consumers in the US and UK alone expect brands to offer virtual try-on solutions. There is also a giant hope among Gen Z shoppers. From the recent analysis of 2021 data, it’s predicted that in less than 5 years we will see a 57% increase in the proportion of Gen Z shoppers using AR before buying a product.

PulpoAR develops omnichannel Virtual Try-On augmented shopping solutions. Creating AR technologies would require a giant R&D process using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related deep tech. Since it requires high operational, financial, and human resources, there are just a few players providing beauty AR solutions for brands and e-commerce platforms. 

In this blog, we would like to break down how we differentiate from our competitors and the qualifications that make us unique within the industry.

What Makes PulpoAR Unique?

Realistic Color Changing Algorithm 

AR Color Changing algorithm accurately transforms colors from the real world into the digital world. The algorithm enhances the %85 accuracy level leading to a hyper-realistic try-on experience that is very close to a real-life try-on.

color changing pulpoar
Fully Customizable Solutions

We curate the UI customized for brand image. PulpoAR data studio, on which brands can view SKU trials, session time, top tried products, etc., is customizable according to north star metrics of brands, as well. 

Face Detection

Precise 3D facial micro-feature tracking is essential for AR/AI beauty. The face detection algorithm identifies facial features at high speed on a real-time/photo virtual try-on.

face detection pulpoar
Web Nail Color Solution 

Nail color is the first of its kind in the world. The nail segmentation algorithm identifies the borders of the nail and creates the most realistic nail color try-on experience. 

nail color solution pulpoar
Fast integration

The integration process takes just a few days on average once the products are digitalized in PulpoAR studio. Then, users can have instant access by opening an iframe.

Achievable & Affordable Partner Service

We always value clients’ priorities and provide instant support on any technical & marketing issues. We help them create their AR marketing launching campaigns and quickly execute on any technical problems. Additionally, no invoices including a bunch of zeros at the end. 

Data Insights

PulpoAR data studio provides business insights for further product developments according to the preferences of users & clients. Also, it allows brand managers & marketers to get data-driven insights for their marketing campaigns. Additionally, metrics like session time, number of SKU tried, time-spend can be tracked on the platform.

Flexible Pricing

Offering a flexible pricing model allows both our customers and us to create meaningful experiences for the end-users regardless of the size of the brand, the number of products they have, and etc.

Multi Brand AR Products Libraries

As we have been working with various clients all over the world, we have several product types of thousands of products that can also be integrated on giant e-commerce platforms conveniently. 

What is next on our roadmap?

Recommendation Engine

Biometric facial data analysis of the face. The data we trained provides accurate customized look recommendations for users. The engine creates various look suggestions according to the users’ preferences, facial features, skin tone, and shape. 

Make-up application on different facial areas

Women have different preferences in application areas. For example, there are hundreds of different ways to combine various eyeshadow colors and apply them with different frames. So we will offer the users to make an area selection of their application.

Shopify and Etsy integration 

The clients and users of these e-commerce giants’ will be able to virtually try on before they purchase.

IOS & Android Phone Camera Integration

Smartphones are an inseparable tool in our lives. With a camera integrated into our pockets, everyone can have instant makeup while there is an amazing sunset shining on the face! 🙂 

Live Stream Shopping Series

There is a huge beauty influencer hype in the video streaming industry. Viewers are able to virtually try on while they are watching the live stream and go to the shopping page. 

B2C App Factory

We are creating solutions for SMEs and Enterprises. And as the next big step, we would like to directly open the doors of virtual try-on experiences to individuals.

Video Call Integration

Integration of video call tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams provides people to have virtual makeup on their faces. Hence, participants are no longer stressed to get ready for meetings.

Would you like to offer a virtual try-on solution for your customers and reinvent the shopping experience? We would love to chat about how we can help to increase your sales, bring more traffic and ROI, as well as boosting engagement and customer loyalty!