Discover Touch-free Beauty with Augmented Reality Technology

With the virtual try-on technology developed by PulpoAR, Akasya Shopping Mall promises a brand new shopping experience. This innovative shopping experience brings Augmented Reality and smart mirror technologies together. It developed in cooperation with PulpoAR and Unisoft and it is now available for visitors in Akasya.

Contactless transactions have gained great importance in our lives due to the ongoing pandemic that affects the whole world. Also, as a result of the inaccessible sample products in stores during this period, it has become a critical problem for brands to regain the interactive user experience. As PulpoAR, we provide a reliable shopping experience by offering visitors the opportunity to try-on the cosmetic products they want with zero-touch in Akasya.

Thanks to our Augmented Reality technology, visitors are able to see the product of any brand on the digital screen with a touchless experience. Visitors who scan the QR code on the screen of their smartphones will be directed to a website. On the website, they select the product of the brand they want. After that, they are able to virtually try the product, instantly by using the camera on the digital screen. After the try-on experience, the “Get a Discount” button appears on the screen for the related products. Then, visitors will be able to take the discount code to the relevant store in Akasya to purchase the product.

Created for the first time in Turkey, our touch-free AR technology will take customers’ shopping experience to a new dimension.