Benefits of Virtual Try-On

The most important difference between online shopping and non-online shopping stands out as the trial of products. With the development of technology and the inevitable rise of online shopping, this issue is no longer a problem for the consumer. But how?

Have you heard of something called ‘virtual try-on’ before?

What is Virtual Try-On?

The virtual try-on allows the potential consumer to “try” the product online on the website page. Different and powerful technologies must be used for the realization of this concept. With the virtual try-on; models, customer images, or videos can be processed in “real-time”. And eventually, the final experience of the virtual experiment takes place and a 2D or 3D object can be embedded in a video stream.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On

Today, most computers, smartphones, and many social networks support augmented reality, whose popularity continues to grow day by day. This makes virtual trial solutions easily accessible and highly attractive to end-users, providing a great opportunity for brands to get closer to their customers on their favorite platforms. For brands, virtual trials can make a significant difference between their competitors when it comes to marketing, sales and customer satisfaction. In an increasingly competitive and market environment, brands that develop a customer-oriented approach stand out. The brand that offers customers a realistic, personalized product in seconds with rational and technological solutions such as a customized mobile application or virtual try-on will come to the fore. Customers can instantly try out dozens of products and even encourage sales by getting relevant product recommendations.

For customers, having the chance to try the desired product provides the opportunity to experience the product. This makes purchasing decisions much easier, especially when shopping online. Knowing how the desired product suits them removes the only bad feature of online shopping. This makes the overall user experience better and more personal. So the brand also increases customer loyalty with a customer-centric approach. Also, customers are more likely to shop from the same brand again.

Credits: Warby Parker
Virtual Try-On for E-commerce Brands

One of the most important benefits of virtual testing is customer experience. However, a virtual experiment can also be a valuable source of information. For example, you can track which products are selling the best, measure them, and arrange offers in various locations to meet your customers’ real needs. The virtual trial can help reduce the huge costs incurred by the return of goods, especially in the global pandemic when customers are increasingly shopping online and every physical contact is approached with caution. It is very important for a more measurable e-commerce audit in online shopping, which increased after the pandemic.