AR Beauty Tools by PulpoAR

AR Beauty Tools by PulpoAR – Now available on Google!

As PulpoAR we are thrilled to announce an incredible additional dimension to our partnership with Google; now, makeup brands are able to show their products to their users through Google Ads and Google Search with AR technology and PulpoAR’s realistic virtual matches of makeup products and virtual try-on technology are accompanying this digital milestone.

Today, you can use Google AR to browse for more than 50 beauty brands, including big names and independent entrepreneurs. Covergirl, Dior Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Laura Mercier… They have all made their collections accessible for virtual try-on on Google in the previous six months. And Google now accepts AR assets from several data suppliers, including PulparAR.

With Augmented Reality technology, beauty brands now have a new method to showcase and sell their lip and eye products – other types of products such as foundation are also in the works. Shopping advertisements may now include a new, all-inclusive try-on experience in place of the mere product image. AR beauty advertising, when combined with such revolutionary effect, has the potential to capture demand in a more dynamic way.

When a new tool benefits shoppers, it may benefit the entire industry. Customers that engage with AR amplified beauty products on Google are more likely to spend longer time on the brand’s website and maybe take action, such as studying a new product or making a purchase. But what does this mean for PulpoAR and its cosmetics partners? PulpoAR’s augmented reality assets not only improve the user experience, but they also increase brand reach and engagement. Following an AR engagement, customers are more inclined to look deeper into the brand’s products, which typically leads to a purchase. Try them out right now in Search!